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Why Breath classes
& More?

WORK -STRESS, MONEY and RELATIONSHIP PRESSURES are the TOP reasonS for cardiovascular disease, depression, mental overload and unhappiness!

Protect Your Heart and Health

  This is possible for you. . .with the right plan, support and leadership by your side: 

You can experience the peace of self-harmony in your life anytime. Enjoy new feelings of inner calmness during work and in your personal relationships. Gain the most fun and easy ways to lower your blood pressure and anxiety. 

Stop the phrases, “I don’t know why this is still a heart issue for me.” You can create good boundaries and have more consistent happy outcomes!  

You will see yourself growing and leaving the old self-defeating mindset behind. Showing up in the mirror saying, “WOW I finally stop tripping about that.”  
Imagine you allowing the flexibility to be present, at ease and deciding which emotion to use.  
YES. . .This is huge for us women!
Now you can began to celebrate more wins!  Enjoy your work-life and personal relationships because you stop
using hurt and disappointments as a weapon against yourself. Now You READY?
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About me

Eliza Dukes-Carter,
master Breathologist, Strategist & Speaker

As a Master Breathologist, I watch too many of us struggle to find your flow with inner calmness and confidence!

NOT KNOWING  Your BREATHING RHYTHM is directly affecting your HEART!’S PRESSURE, health, 

attitude and relationship  with yourself first!

In 2012 I decided to change my relationship with STRESS!


PLEASE  STOP Ignoring your body signals,  it puts your HEALTH  at  RISK!  


How are you

feeling, today?. .



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"Eliza's work is mesmerizing! Few rival her in skill, compassion, and clarity. Not only is she an artist of the soul,I’ve learned to be intentional to energize myself, be calm and release unwanted emotional pressures!
Lena Kamali
Emotional Mastery Course
Eliza's various Breathing Techniques are healing to one's entire mind, body, and spirit. As my Personal Breathing Coach she has opened portals in my spirit and soul that were laid dormant, until her methodology helped awakened them. "Her anointed work ministry is second to none." Bruce George, Founder of the Genius is Common Movement, Co-Founder of Death Poetry Jam on HBO.
Bruce George
My Healing Breath Mastery Course
Eliza introduced me to powerful tools that that help me meet the challenge of running a business on two continents. I discovered that resiliency not only means to not give up but to also realize that you have the inner strength, breath and resolve to overcome any challenging situation.
Dr. Patrica Williiams Diaw
Emotional Mastery Course