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Are You Emotionally-Focused or Problem-Focused? 

Our courses are a must, especially, if you don’t know the answer to this question. . . .It’s okay, because now you are here! You will discover and connect to your inner strength to quickly reduce anxiousness and add healing experiences to overtake your heart-issues.



Pause and think about this next sentence . . .Everyday you wake up feeling different, longing to adjust yourself effectively to feel good and calm and then happy within.

Each course will help guide you to develop your personalized game plan, unleash years of pressure, and gain good clarity to easily lower your high blood pressure.

Our self-therapeutic approach will develop your interpersonal skills and your communications skills will ignite more personal and professional growth in you. 


YES! Your relationship with yourself will constantly improve and transform how well you are renewing thoughts and feeling, when applying our fulfilling techniques.  These methodologies have been used over 2000 years and have evidenced, that “Healing Is Your Right!”  Now Let’s begin igniting new energies to THRIVE and EXPERIENCE Self-Harmony!

My Healing Breath Membership

Stress and Anxiety are the root causes for Heart Disease.  It’s the #1 Health Risk and early death sentence to African American men and women and also Caucasian women.  Visit for more statistics.


You don’t have to stay in fear of shortening your. life because 1 in 4 people who have a Heart Attack never recover, and this happened to on of my dear friends a few months ago. 

Better news you don’t access transformational tools to manage your stress and disease.

Deep Breathing Exercises and strategies is the best place to START

  • Introduction of the Life Long Benefits
  • Seated Poses and Work Life Balance
  • Paranyama * Controling Your Energy
  • Inspiration & Expiration
  • Meditations & More
  • Breath Holding
  • Guided Learning Wherever You Want

No upcoming dates. This class is not available until 2022. Schedule a 1 on 1 if you need it. We are here to support y our life quest!

Emotional Mastery Course

Eliza loves to share proven strategies and that activate healing energies through 4-Step Meditative Exercises, 3 Breathing Techniques that support Lowering Blood Pressure and Anxiety. You will take each method and personalize it for yourself to  gain the emotional strength to STOP the painful emotional roller coaster ride.  Your fist responses will be to protect your mental and physical well-being. Whether it’s with family, friends or colleagues. having the Self Control will add years of happiness and fulfillment to yourself and other relationships.  Experiencing Self-Harmony will become your new mindset!



Why Breathing classes?

Releasing pain from the heart allows you to be true to yourself and experience the inner happiness that makes you thrive personally and professionally in most challenging!

Courses & Ebooks

As you may know, feeling powerless, helpless and low on energy have become a universal cause of job, school and life stress, according to the American Psychological Association. Today it’s time to shift!


Being an entrepreneur and/or executive in your family isn’t easy.  If you want your mind and body to function in harmony there are some shifts you must make to FREE yourself from the rat race. READ this book 3 times and share what changes you know you must make to FREE yourself from running to embracing a more happy and harmonious you! I Am A Victor will pull at your heartstrings and inspire you to claim your own personal power over every challenge you might face in order to become the greatest version of yourself. This powerful collection brought us together to EMPOWER YOU! ORDER NOW you will forever be thankful as we are! This book of power filled healing messages is a Best Seller on Amazon. Order Here for a signed copy!

FREE with any masterclass

My Healing Breath Class *Sponsored By RoseHill Community Center*

 Breathing Deeply, until fresh air extinguishes the burn of fear in your Mind and Body to flow into your Healing space of Self-Harmony to experience the Infinite Source of LOVE & WELL-BEING   . . .Pause & Breathe On That” 

Imagine what it would feel like to have greater control over your mind and reactions to everyday pressures.

To know how to always feel calm, centered, and focused no matter what. 

To be able to let go of things, overcome negative mental states, and add Deep Breathing as a New Tool to Destress!


*** Saturday, October 2nd at  10:30 am!  


**Share with someone who’s feeling stressed too!

Fun and Confident Ways to Destress With Ease

Yes this picture is enough to make you day hmmmmm!

Ladies it’s time to join together and lower your Pressure and begin destressing with tools that are so easy, fun, it will transform how you handle anxiety and moodiness.  You learn the (2) Most Effective Times to release negative emotions plus take home a game plan will use in our course.

 Experience The Fun of Using Self- Therapeutic and Healing Tools at work, home or anytime you need to let go and refuse your soul 

Your family and friends will know this is the best party you will ever have, without alcohol and enjoy using proven techniques that will improve your emotional well-being!

About me

Greetings, I'm Eliza Dukes,
master Breathologist, Transformation Speaker Best-Selling Author


It’s Our Time for Self-Harmony. . .

To Be Filled With Much More Love, Inner Calmness, More Happiness, and Healing Experiences on Purpose!

I began my love journey about 25 years ago, simply wanting to feel alive constantly and master my emotions in the most refreshing ways.  My life depended on me, letting go my pain and learning to lower my blood pressure fast, so I would not become a victim of my stressors.

As a Master Breathologist, I am so thankful to discover that deep breathing techniques was the official answer!  Along with various meditative and spiritual practices. my life has tremendously improved.

The miraculous benefits of KNOWING the POWER OF THE BREATH has forever become my life-love work.

Now I protect and treat my mind, body and precious spirit with compassion and respect, I deserve.

How are you feeling?. . . Are you ready to heal and navigate through your problems with me?

Is EMOTIONAL FREEDOM from agitating thoughts, images, feelings and relationships what you need?

Well our Creator, All Knowing GOD knew you would be reading this message today.

This means you are ready NOW! Therefore together, we will move into the next phrase of your  Self- HarmonyJourney!


Begin with a our 2-Day My Healing Breath Course!

TAKE Action It Could Save Your Health!

Schedule a Free Consultation, TEXT ” I’m Ready to 302-300-1884

See You Soon!


Our Happy Community

"Eliza's work is mesmerizing! Few rival her in skill, compassion, and clarity. Not only is she an artist of the soul, she has an innate gift for infusing simplicity into every strategy. I’ve learned to be intentional to energize myself, be calm and release unwanted emotional pressures!
Lena Kamali
Emotional Mastery Course
Eliza's various Breathing Techniques are healing to one's entire mind, body, and spirit. As my Personal Breathing Coach she has opened portals in my spirit and soul that were laid dormant, until her methodology helped awakened them. "Her anointed work ministry is second to none." Bruce George, Founder of the Genius is Common Movement, Co-Founder of Death Poetry Jam on HBO.
Bruce George
My Healing Breath Mastery Course
Eliza introduced me to powerful tools that that help me meet the challenge of running a business on two continents. I discovered that resiliency not only means to not give up but to also realize that you have the inner strength, breath and resolve to overcome any challenging situation.
Dr. Patrica Williiams Diaw
Emotional Mastery Course