"Meditate On Being Well"

"Heart & Breath-Work. . . The Only Way To Experience Self-Harmony, Is To Practice It"
- Eliza S. Dukes

About Eliza

 Eliza S. Dukes  

Eliza is an Award-Winning Coach, CEO of The Breathing Experience, , has over 25 years experience in Counseling and Strategizing, she discovered her personal power and learned, how to let go, years of emotional baggage. At-Risk with High Blood Pressure, she decided to do the self-work, get off the medication. Now she empowers women with the most efficient strategies to guard their hearts and minds, well. 

 Her passion is to reach a million sophisticated ladies and equip them to navigate beyond hurt and disappointments and become intentionally well, positively productive and loving life.


Eliza has been featured in:

  • Featured in the Philadelphia Sunday SUN Newspaper 2016
  • Philadelphia Court-Approved to work with Human Trafficked victims 2016
  • Featured in FUNTimes Magazine February 2020


*What’s Breath-Meds (Breath-Works + Meditations = Well-Being)*


With her proven techniques, mini-courses, mind-shifting strategies, her clients develop quickly and advance personally & professionally. Eliza’s transparency displays a true passion for solving emotional issues that once kept her angry, with the same self-defeating beliefs.  Now, she consistently sees her clients unleashing layers of deep dolor, and in return pause a moment, get calm and decide, ” How I choose to feel, and stop allowing situations to dictate my outcomes.” 



Amanda Pickens, Social Artist and Storyteller, Philadelphia PA


Eliza’s work is mesmerizing! 

Few rival her in skill, compassion, and clarity. Not only is she an artist of the soul, she has an innate gift for infusing simplicity into everything she does.  I’m energized with tools and happier!





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 Breathing-Work & COVID-19

Begin reducing stressors, immediately?

Use Breath-Work To:

  • Be Calm 
  • Build Immune System
  • Release Toxins in Lungs  
  • Improve Respiratory
  • Energize Anytime
  • Become Emotional Well  
  • Get mental RELIEF!

Know Your Healing Rights



“Eliza introduced me to powerful tools . . .

That help me meet the challenges of running a business on two
continents. I discovered resiliency means to not give up but realize you have the inner strength and resolve to face and overcome those challenging situations.

 ***Dr. Patricia Diaw, Education Consultant, Philadelphia PA

Our Youth

 In 2016 Eliza was Court-Approved in Philadelphia, PA to work with the Human Trafficked Youth:  

Working with many young human sex trafficking victims in
Philadelphia Family Court and Philadelphia Department of Human Service, I began to understand their issues of recovery is a lifelong journey.  I highly recommend, Eliza Dukes & The Breathing Experience to learn how to center oneself, calming anxieties of past memories, and to move forward when the future looks dark.
I am confident Eliza Dukes & The Breathing Experience will provide outstanding services and greatly support the youth and families!

D. R. Thomas, Philadelphia PA 


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